Planning is Everything Part 2 - Who is going to build my Deck?

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Shane Chapman

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Who will build my deck?


You have been dreaming of your ultimate backyard experience for a while now. You might even be daydreaming about it right now. But before you get into the down and dirty business of having to pick out all the colors, materials and other fun stuff it's time to make a big decision.  


How is this ultimate deck going to get built?

Without getting too in depth, we will save that for another article, you pretty much have 3 options depending on your comfort level. All of these options will really dictate which route you go down for the rest of the process. Some of them are much more hands on and require skill, knowledge and confidence while some of them require very little, other than cash, from you.


Do it Yourself (DIY)

If you have the know-how, the tools, and the time, then doing it yourself can leave you with a project you can have pride in, a boost to the value of your home, and a few dollars left in your wallet by not paying someone to install. But with all of those savings does come a lot of leg work and decision making. You will have to be the one to apply for a permit and make sure that your project meets code requirements in your area. It’s not difficult but can be a rather time consuming and confusing part of the process. If you are up to the challenge or maybe you build decks as a side gig this is definitely the route for you.



Assisted DIY Project

This option is a hybrid of our managed installation and DIY. We help you with all of the parts that require a bit more experience and knowledge. Stuff like framing and stairs. Then you do all the cosmetic portion of the installation like laying the deck boards or installing the railings. This allows for you, as a homeowner, to get some cost savings and have a sense of pride and satisfaction in your deck. You also get to sleep soundly at night knowing the foundation of your project is solidly built to keep you and your family safe.


Hire a Contractor

This is the route that a lot of people go. It allows for you to get your dream deck built even when you don’t have the know-how or experience. I mean you probably don’t own a track saw do you? Deck contractors on the other-hand do. They have all the tools, skill and ability to make even the simplest of projects absolutely amazing.

Some contractors offer a complete service, like our managed installs, or they may just come out and build the deck. These types of contractors want to charge you for labour and materials. It then falls to you to line up your own permits and line up any additional trades for things like electrical, plumbing or landscaping etc.

Finding a great contractor is going to be the big decision here because for every great contractor out there, there's a bad one riding his bike just behind him. There is real liability and safety at play here. Interview 1 to 3 contractors. This will help you find one you trust to give you a fair price on labor and materials. Trust your gut. If you don’t feel good about working with them you will end up having a poor experience.

We work with many great contractors, and we can recommend them to you. Sadly, we hear the horror stories all the time of unfortunate homeowners who "hired the cheapest guy on Kijiji". There’s nothing more expensive than cheaping out.


Managed Install Service

Another option for who is going to build your dream project is getting the whole project managed. There are quite a few options available to you when it comes to this process as most stores who sell materials (such as Home Depot) offer some type of service like this. The best part about it is how easy it is. You walk into a storefront, talk with a project manager, and they will guide you through the rest of the process. All you have to do is answer a few questions and pay the invoice at the end. I will run you through what makes our process great and you can use it as a benchmark when looking in your area.

  1. 1. You work with our Project Manager to ensure the job is scheduled, executed, and completed properly. They are your point of contact and work for YOU.
  2. 2. Our subcontractors have been vetted, and have been approved, to do installs for us.  We do not work with unqualified contractors.
  3. 3. Hands off. If you want this whole thing to just happen without worrying about selecting a contractor, permits, scheduling, and inspections, then this is for you.
  4. 4. Your warranty stays with us. If the contractor happens to cease operations, we still back the warranty.
  5. 5. You pay retail for materials, no markup.  And you only pay for the materials used on your project. Extra materials are refunded to you.
  6. 6. Payment options, you can pay with cash, debit, credit card - or even finance the whole project through our flexible financing options.
  7. 7. Trust - this is the biggest one. We act on your behalf and our mission is to leave every customer blown away with their experience. We have brick and mortar stores.  You know where to find us when you need us.


    Depending on which option you choose, your path will be very clear and relaxing or a little more difficult but we are always here to help. So please ask questions on any platform because we love to give our opinions.

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