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Shane Chapman / Backyard Building Expert

Shane Chapman

Backyard Building Expert

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You’ve had a new deck on your mind for a while now, you have a general vision of what you want your finished project to look like.  You’ve also been imagining what it will look and feel like when you and your friends and family can enjoy using your deck. Now all that’s left is to start planning and executing, but where do you start? 

How do you take that vision and make it a reality? 

That’s when most of us go into research mode, spending hours searching through Google and YouTube trying to familiarize ourselves with the differences between composite decking lines, accessories, and their technicalities. What if there was an easier way?  A way where you could take your questions and get instant and reliable answers instead of sifting through source material yourself? 

Let's be honest – researching various deck materials, their properties, and the various brands can feel like chasing shadows. Specific lines like Fiberon Promenade vs Trex Select won’t have glaring differences and terms like PSI and Joist spacing might sound like gibberish. Unraveling their true meaning requires a considerable investment of time and energy, but what if there was a way to cut through the clutter and arrive at clear, concise answers that are tailored to your specific needs.

Yes, you guessed it – professionals are the unsung heroes of the deck-building process. While the idea of seeking professional assistance might seem glaringly obvious, it's important to understand just how invaluable their expertise can be. By effectively communicating your vision, desires, and concerns, you can save yourself from research-induced headaches and pitfalls.

Pause for a second and ask yourself: what truly matters to you? Is it the sizzling summer soirées, the sleek color palette, or the carefree maintenance? Maybe it's all about the swanky style, or perhaps a non-slip haven for barefoot adventures on a cool deck that you're after? Once you've got your priorities straight, it's time to team up with the deck experts. Your research journey doesn't have to involve endless hours on Google and YouTube. Instead, picture yourself in a direct dialogue with a pro who can slice through the deck clutter, address your queries, and recommend specific options based on their wealth of experience.

Imagine this: you're ankle-deep in research, and you stumble upon a term like "deck board water interaction coefficient." Baffling, right? Instead of continuing down a rabbit hole of confusion, you could have an expert at your side, ready to translate your questions into actionable insights. No more wading through marketing mumbo-jumbo or playing a guessing game with materials. The result? You get recommendations that align with your deck's destiny – be it a watery wonderland or BBQ battleground.

Before you drown in an ocean of research, remember that professionals are your ultimate deck allies. The next time you find yourself looking for answers, know that there's a lifeline to sanity – the pros who are eager to guide you toward deck utopia. So, kick back, envision your deck, and let the experts pave the way, literally and figuratively.

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Royal Innovation Custom Decks

Thank you for this insightful guide on navigating the intricate world of deck-building. The analogy of chasing shadows perfectly captures the confusion that comes with researching decking materials and technicalities. The emphasis on the role of professionals as unsung heroes is a game-changer. It’s a reminder that seeking expert guidance can streamline the process, saving time and avoiding potential pitfalls. The notion of envisioning one’s priorities and then teaming up with a deck expert is a practical approach that resonates. This article serves as a valuable resource for anyone embarking on the journey of creating their dream deck. Well done!

January 28, 2024 at 09:25am

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Shane Chapman // Backyard Building Expert

Shane Chapman, President and Co-Founder of The Ultimate Deck Shop, is a seasoned expert in the deck building industry. A former award winning deck builder (Fresh Decks), he now leads Canada’s top destination for backyard building materials.

Shane is committed to simplifying the shopping experience, providing exceptional customer service, and empowering both DIYers and professionals with his expert advice.

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