InLite Lighting

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in-lite Easy-Lock - The Ultimate Deck Shop

in-lite Easy-Lock

$9.99 CAD
in-lite Easy-Lock is an innovative garden lighting system that makes installation quick and easy. It features a patented twist-to-lock connection for a secure fit that requires no tools. Get your...
in-lite Scope Ground Spotlight - The Ultimate Deck Shop

in-lite Scope Ground Spotlight

$148.99 CAD
The focused light from the SCOPE LED outdoor spotlight highlights special places in the yard such as trees, shrubs, statues and facades up to 8 meters away.The EASY-LOCK is supplied as...
in-lite CC-2 - The Ultimate Deck Shop

in-lite CC-2

$26.99 CAD
Cable connector to connect two 12 volt low-voltage cables in a split cable plan. Enables branching in the cable plan Maximum capacity of 50 watts after the CC-2 For using...
in-lite Hyve 22 RVS

in-lite Hyve 22 RVS

$77.99 CAD
This subtle 22 mm diameter fixture includes a stainless steel ring. In the evening, the honeycomb structure of the lens produces an attractive, warm light that is not blinding. This...
in-lite Evo Hyde 180

in-lite Evo Hyde 180

$143.99 CAD
Produces a wide, subtle light Suitable for installation under stairs and pond edges Installation advice:Install the EVO HYDE 180 under an overhang of at least 5 to 6 centimeters
in-lite Cable Extension - The Ultimate Deck Shop

CBL-Ext Cord 2MTR

From $15.99 CAD
Maximum cable length of 40 meters between fixture and transformer Can be installed directly under a layer or soil or paving
Evo Flex Profile

Evo Flex Profile

$30.99 CAD
The EVO FLEX PROFILE is designed to fit EVO FLEX 1, 2, 3, and SMART EVO FLEX TONE 1, 2, and 5. It can be combined with other EVO FLEX...
in-lite Mini-Scope Ground Spotlight - The Ultimate Deck Shop

in-lite Mini-Scope Ground Spotlight

$129.99 CAD
This small spotlight is delivered with a bracket and ground stake.The EASY-LOCK is supplied as standard with this luminaire. The cable length on this luminaire is 60 cm. Produces a...
in-lite Move -Ext Cord 5mtr - The Ultimate Deck Shop

in-lite Move -Ext Cord 5mtr

$29.99 CAD
Five-meter extension cord for use with the MOVE motion detector. - Increases the distance between the MOVE and HUB-50 or HUB-100- Suitable for the in-lite MOVE- Extendable by up to...
in-lite Wedge Slim Dark - The Ultimate Deck Shop

in-lite Wedge Slim Dark

$164.99 CAD
Produces a wide and attractive downward light Designed for illuminating a low fence or wall Available in three sizes Installation advice:A WEDGE SLIM every 2 to 2½ meters at a...
in-lite Curv Curved Wall light - The Ultimate Deck Shop

in-lite Curv Curved Wall light

$199.99 CAD
Illuminate your outdoor space with the in-lite Curv Curved Wall light. This modern, curved light provides a sleek and stylish look while also enhancing the safety and security of your...
in-lite CB-010E - The Ultimate Deck Shop

In-lite CB-010E

$43.99 CAD
The In-lite CB-010E is a mini transformer designed for transition from 100-230V to 12V. It features easy installation and uninstallation, with safety guaranteed by over-voltage protection. Suitable for numerous low...
in-lite Cable Bulk By Foot - The Ultimate Deck Shop

in-lite Cable Bulk By Foot

$2.00 CAD
in-lite Cable Bulk By Foot offers 40 meters of cable to connect a lighting fixture to a transformer, allowing for flexible lighting design. The cable can be installed directly under...
in-lite Transformer Smart Hub-150

in-lite Transformer Smart Hub-150

$720.99 CAD
The SMART HUB-150 is equipped with three cable entries, with a maximum capacity of 100VA per line (maximum of 80 meters per line) and can power up to 150 VA...
in-lite Move Motion Sensor

in-lite Move Motion Sensor

$114.99 CAD
MOVE detects movement up to 12 meters at an vertical angle of 40 degrees and horizontal angle of 105 degrees.Features the following functions and properties: Lighting switches on for 1,...
in-lite Smart Move Motion Sensor

in-lite Smart Move Motion Sensor

$164.99 CAD
Like the SMART HUB-150, the wireless SMART MOVE can be operated with the in-lite app using a Bluetooth connection. Once movement is detected, the light can be set variably to...
in-lite Splitter - The Ultimate Deck Shop

in-lite Splitter

$21.99 CAD
Suitable for connecting one light sensor to two transformers Designed for connecting two fixtures to one EASY-LOCK Use the SPLITTER both above and below ground Installation advice:Place the SPLITTER so...
in-lite Ace Down Dark

in-lite Ace Down Dark

$169.29 CAD$2.00 CAD
he ACE DOWN wall fixture delivers a focused beam of light, ideal for mounting on walls or fences. The light source is recessed to prevent blinding glare, and the light...
in-lite Big Nero

in-lite Big Nero

$299.99 CAD
The BIG NERO ground light is designed to illuminate tall trees or walls effectively from various surfaces such as gravel, grass, pavement, or wood. Key Features: Strong and Wide Focused...
in-lite Nero

in-lite Nero

$143.09 CAD
The NERO ground spotlight is specifically designed for illuminating trees from gravel and grass, and it now seamlessly integrates into stone and wood surfaces thanks to its flat ring design....