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in-lite CC-2 - The Ultimate Deck Shop

in-lite CC-2

$21.00 USD
Cable connector to connect two 12 volt low-voltage cables in a split cable plan. Enables branching in the cable plan Maximum capacity of 50 watts after the CC-2 For using...
in-lite Hub Protector - The Ultimate Deck Shop

in-lite Hub Protector

$38.00 USD
Designed and manufactured from high quality, durable plastic. Protect your in-lite HUB against even the most extreme weather conditions.
- Hub-50 / 100- Smart Hub
in-lite Smart Move Motion Sensor

in-lite Smart Move Motion Sensor

$125.00 USD
Like the SMART HUB-150, the wireless SMART MOVE can be operated with the in-lite app using a Bluetooth connection. Once movement is detected, the light can be set variably to...
in-lite Move Motion Sensor

in-lite Move Motion Sensor

$87.00 USD
MOVE detects movement up to 12 meters at an vertical angle of 40 degrees and horizontal angle of 105 degrees.Features the following functions and properties: Lighting switches on for 1,...
in-lite Splitter - The Ultimate Deck Shop

in-lite Splitter

$17.00 USD
Suitable for connecting one light sensor to two transformers Designed for connecting two fixtures to one EASY-LOCK Use the SPLITTER both above and below ground Installation advice:Place the SPLITTER so...