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At one time, Fiberon was a family owned business competing against the giants of Trex and TimberTech. However, in 2018 Fiberon was acquired by Fortune Brands (a $12B company) which gave this composite decking mainstay a significant boost of capital and resources to grow. Over the past couple years, the fruit of the acquisition has started to flower which the likes of increase marketing and sales resources, increased warranties, and new product launches. 

Fiberon not only products eco-friendly wood-plastic composite decking, but they also product premium PVC decking products as well. Known for their beautiful variegated colouring, Fiberon often stands out as one of the best looking options on the market.

Fiberon has a BIG lineup of colours and price points split across numerous lines and types of decking. So let's get into it starting with the most budget friendly to the most premium.

FIBERON GOOD LIFE | Shop Fiberon Good Life

At The Ultimate Deck Shop, our staff seems to gravitate towards Fiberon Good Life as being one of the best "bangs for your buck" in composite decking. The price point is very competitively priced against other major brands, the embossing is aggressive and looks interesting, and the warranty is very strong. Even screw plug kits are available for the Good Life line unlike other entry level price points from competing brands, in spite of the fact that the Good Life line is a scalloped profile board.

Good Life is split into two collections: Weekender and Escapes. Weekender features two solid colours with no colour variegation, Cottage and Cabin. The Escapes Collection includes four colours with a subtle, yet beautiful variegated streaking: Beach House, Cabana, Tuscan Villa, and Bungalow

The warranty on this line is strong, provide you with 25 years of stain, fade, and performance warranty on the Weekender line, while Escapes bumps up to 30 years. Aside from the extra colouring and the extra warranty, the two collections are identical in every other way.

The only real knock on the Fiberon Good Life line is that it doesn't excel with traction. It is a little slippery when wet, but not horribly so. The scratch resistant is also average, but better than many competing products at this price point. All in all, Good Life represents a great value!

Fiberon Composite Decking

FIBERON SANCTUARY | Shop Fiberon Sanctuary

The Sanctuary line is Fiberon's lowest priced full thickness board. This 3-side capped wood-plastic composite is available in five very unique and popular colours: Moringa, Espresso, Chai, Latte, and Earl Grey.

The embossed wood grain is less aggressive and therefore more realistic than the Good Life line. And the variegated colours are also much more consistent and realistic as well. For all intents and purposes, the Sanctuary line really offers a premium product, but at a mid-tier price point.

As a bonus, Fiberon also bumps the comprehensive fade, stain and performance warranty up to 40 years, which is quite remarkable at it's price point.

FIBERON CONCORDIA | Shop Fiberon Concordia

Fiberon Concordia is Fiberon's premium offering in the wood-plastic composite category. This line has a full 4-side cap which provides complete protection from the elements, as well as creates opportunities for efficiences during install with the option to flip the board if needed.

Concordia is sub-divided in two unique collections: Horizon and Symmetry. The dimensions and makeup of the collection are the same, but the differentiation is in the look. Horizon offers a very smooth, flat embossing which really allows for the colours to shine through (albeit a not very realitic grain pattern). The variegation of the Horizon line offers dramatic, sweeping colours that really come to life on a larger space. The Symmetry line takes a different approach with a much more realtistic, linear, hardwood-like embossing pattern and a much more subtle variegation. Both offer immense beauty depending on your taste.

To step things up a notch, Fiberon gives Concordia an incredible, industry leading warranty of 50 years on fade and stain, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty on performance. That straight up can not be beat!

FIBERON PARAMOUNT | Shop Fiberon Paramount

Fiberon Paramount is the first PVC decking line in Fiberon's lineup. Instead of recycled wood fibre and recycled HDPE plastic, this decking uses a pure PVC plastic for the entire makeup of the board. This has benefits when it comes to longevity as their is no organic content to cause potential issues. Being impervious to moisture, PVC decking can be installed in places that WPC composite sometimes can't.

The Paramount line is a longstanding line that has seen a lot of changes over the years. In it's current state, the line is divided into two collections (of course): Mantel and Hearth. Hearth offers two beautifully variegated colours called Brownstone and Sandstone. Mantel offers two solid colours called Clay and Mineral.

The Paramount line features a very textured embossing resulting in great traction. The profile has a very radius edge profile that some people will love, and some will hate.

The Paramount product, with it's pure PVC makeup also comes with an awesome 50 year fade and stain warranty, as well as a Limited Lifetime Warranty on performance.

FIBERON PROMENADE | Shop Fiberon Promenade

And now, the shining knight in Fiberon's army: Promenade. Promenade is the newest entry in the market for Fiberon. It's a fully PVC option that is positioned pricewise a little above Paramount. Where Paramount has a large radius edge, and a lot of variegation - Promenade has a much more realistic, subtle colouring and embodies an embossing pattern similar to the Symmetry line.

If you're every seen TimberTech Azek Vintage line - that heavily inspired the look of Fiberon Paramount. The colours are beautifully realistic. The board is very strong and actually bucks the standard 1" thickness by being 1 1/8" thick. The durability is what you would expect from a premium board. It is very scratch resistant and stands up quite well it impact as well. The traction is noticeably better than the WPC lines.

If you're looking for the best product in Fiberon's lineup, Promenade is it in spades. The price is premium, but is actually less than the above mentioned Azek Vintage by about 15-20% representing a great value comparably. It's available in six natural colours: Natural Reef, Russet Dune, Sandy Pier, Shade Cay, Weathered Cliff, and Moonlit Cove.

The warranty as expected, is 50 years on fade and stain, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty on performance.

Wrap It Up

It's hard to call Fiberon an underdog, but given it's position in the market, it certainly is. However, I would absolutely call Fiberon "underrated". While being lesser known, and a little harder to find in some markets, Fiberon has one of the most complete offerings in the market with a wide array of colours, types, looks - something for everyone. And across the board they deliver quality backed by outstanding warranties.


The Good

  • - Low maintenance
  • - No fading or staining
  • - Industry leading warranties
  • - Beautiful colours
  • - Multiple price points
  • - Promenade durability
  • - Promenade and Paramount traction
  • - Good Life punches above its price point

The Bad

  • - WPC lines can be slippery when wet
  • - May be tough to find in some markets




Learn more about Fiberon at

Fiberon composite and PVC decking is available in our stores in Regina, Saskatchewan and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, as well as online at Fiberon at


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