Tired of spending your weekends sanding, staining, and sealing your wooden deck?

Enter composite decks! Made out of material durable enough to endure those cold winters Saskatchewan is known for, and the perfect way to make the most of those short summer months in Saskatoon and Regina! Thanks to their blend of synthetic and organic material, they are able to retain the Natural look of traditional wood, with twice the lifespan and half the maintenance.


Are Composite DecksRIGHT FOR YOU?

Increased Durability & Lifespan
Highly resistant to wear, color fading, stains, rotting, warping and distortion, resulting in a longer lifespan, on average 25-30 years and sometimes more!

Decreased Maintenance Time & Cost
Although some light maintenance is needed, composite decks don’t need regular coating, staining and sealing, or other protective measures to prevent splintering and warping.

Element and Insect Resistant
From moisture and water to UV rays and insects, composite boards are much more resistant to nature. You don’t need to constantly apply protective coats and anti-insect chemicals.

Color Choices
With our composite decking brands you have a wider range of colors to choose which retain their hue and color without the need to apply paint coats and re-staining.

The majority of composite boards are made from recycled and scrapped material, this in addition to their longevity reduces the need to cut down trees for new boards.

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Composite Decking Brands

A break down of the Composite Decking brands we carry, including Trex, Fiberon, MoistureShield, Deckorators & Wolf Serenity


As a trusted name and leader in decking supplies, Trex Decking products transcend a lot of their competition with their scale and time in the industry.

With accolades like 2023 most trusted composite decking brand, it is evident why Trex is considered a trusted name and leader in the industry. Crafted with precision and built to last, they offer a wide selection of Trex Decking colors and options to suit any style and budget.

Trex stands the test of time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: living life to the fullest-when you buy Trex Decking products you also buy its time-tested legacy

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Composite Decking Lines

Moisture Shield

Although a relatively smaller name in the decking industry moisture shield has undoubtedly carved out space by creating tech-based solutions for un-addressed issues in the decking industry.

Over the last 30 years they have been able to become a leader in deck innovation without sacrificing the reliability of their products.

With decks that can be installed from underground to underwater and anywhere in between, and innovative deck tech like CoolDeck and moisture shield

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Composite Decking Lines


Deckorators, also backed by an industry giant, is a brand making its name known with proprietary decking technology.

While Deckorators does have lines made of traditional wood-plastic-composite decks they also have a mineral-based line which boasts the best strength-to-weight ratio of any deck line out there.

This in addition to their 25-year removal and replacement warranty, which means the decking cost and labor costs are covered, makes them a great choice for long-term peace of mind.

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Composite Decking Lines
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Their unmatched manufacturing efficiency and unwavering commitment to sustainability make them the ultimate choice for environmentally conscious homeowners like you.

While composite decks, in general, are a great choice for an eco-friendly project, Fiberon takes it a step further by preventing 70,000 tons of manufactured waste from reaching landfills.

You can make a lasting impact with Fiberon and build your dream deck while preserving our planet.

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More On Composite Deck Boards

Check out our composite decking blog with guides, tips, comparisons and much more about composite decks.

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Composite Decking FAQ

What is composite decking and what are it's benefits?

Composite decks are deck boards made out of a combination of synthetic plastic and wood fiber.

Composite decks are easy to maintain as they don't need paint or sanding. In addition to being splinter free they are also resistant to mold, rotting, scratching, staining, fading, and warping.

Is it cheaper to build with wood or composite decking?

When initially buying material, wood is definitely the cheaper option. That being said with wood you will need to put time and money into regular maintenance.

Composite decks on the other hand, do tend to have higher upfront costs and save you time and money over the years.

What is the difference between hollow and solid composite decking.

Hollow composite boards, also known as engineered boards are designed with ribbed internal structures meant to improve strength while still keeping them lightweight.

Solid composite boards are solid all the way through, they are heavier than hollow boards and also don't need plugs at the end.

What is the difference between grooved and un-groove composite decking?

Grooved boards have a notch or channel along the sides enabling them to be installed with fasteners. This leaves the finished deck with a more polished look

Un-grooved boards don't have any notches and are installed with screws.

What is the difference between capped and un-capped composite decking?

Capped composite boards have an extra protective layer added to them during the manufacturing process.

While Uncapped or traditional composite boards are durable and have long lifespans, the extra layer of protection capped composite boards give them an advantage in durability and lifespan.

How do I clean and maintain composite decking

Remove visible dirt and debris with a broom, or soap and water. Dirt with organic waste should be removed & cleaned immediately. Organic matter is a food source for mold and mildew and can create hard-to-clean stains over time.

If you are using a pressure washer, ensure you use a fan tip attachment/adjustment and a PSI no higher than 1,500 as higher than this can cause damage to the decks surface.

Also avoid using chlorine bleach products as these can also cause surface damage and accelerated wear. Instead there are cleaning products on the market designed for PVC, composite and wooden deck boards such as TUDS SUDS Deck Cleaner.

Can I paint or stain my composite deck? What should I use?

Generally speaking yes you can. Whether you should or not is a different question because paint would chip and fade faster than composite deck boards ingrained color would, and they don't typically need to be stained either.

While timber has a layer of paint on it's surface composite decking boards have their color added during the manufacturing process. This enables the colour to go all the way through and retain it for longer.

Paint forms a layer on the surface of the deck which begins to chip and peel away over time, stains on the other had are designed to penetrate the woods surface creating a layer that does fade over time and foot traffic, but does not chip and peel like wood.

If your looking for options check out our Wood Cleaners and Protectors.