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Shane Chapman / Backyard Building Expert

Shane Chapman

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In-Lite is a manufacturer of premium, low-voltage, outdoor living lighting. Any yard that gets graced with a little In-Lite always gets a big boost to the wow factor. But there are many lighting options out there. What sets In-Lite apart?


Wait... what? You like it because it's expensive?

No, hold on. We like it because everything about it is premium, which means yes, the price ends up being more than a box of lights from a big box store that was imported from overseas. But the result of that though is that you get a premium light fixture, with premium materials, a higher light accuracy, a more reliable system... I mean we will get to those in a minute. But the fact that they cost a bit more means they don't have to skimp and skip on the quality of the light. With In-Lite, they unapologetically produce the best quality lights on the market.


In-Lite Lighting

We sell other brands of lights. And we have seen some other brands come and go over our years in business. But none of them have come anywhere CLOSE to the reliability of In-Lite. Where we would see failures from other brands in the range of 10-15% of fixtures in the first year, In-Lite doesn't even register a full percentage point. We have been selling In-Lite since 2017, and in all those years, and in the THOUSANDS of lights we have sold, we have had a TOTAL of ONE LIGHT and ONE TRANSFORMER that have had an issue. And they were exchanged extremely promptly. No questions asked. This system is literally 1000x more reliable than any other brand of lights we have tried.


We have never seen another system that is so easy to install. There's no polarity to deal with, no silicone filled wire connectors, no wire stripping, no pig-tails...nothing. Just run the electrical cable to the areas where you want lights, and click the Easy-Lock connector onto the cable. It's literally plug and play. Anyone can install these lights safely and correctly.


With many lighting systems, you're lucky to get a year or two warranty. And if you happen to need it, the process of claiming warranty is more hassle than it's worth. In-Lite provides a 5 year warranty. And in the two times we have had to make a claim, the company went out of its way to resolve the issue with no complicated process to get the replacement product. Truly a breath of fresh air in a world of fine print and exclusions.


In-Lite has a fixture for EVERY situation. Browse their website and find all sorts of creative ways to light your house, fence, deck, patio, pool, pergola, gazebo, garage, landscape, hardscape, driveway, sidewalk, retailing wall, trees, and on and on and on. And it ALL works off the same transformer. Simple.


It's easy, but it's complicated. No not the install, the technology. With the Smart Hub 150 transformer, it can control your whole property with multiple independently controlled zones, a variety of settings, and control from your smartphone via Bluetooth. It may have been super simply to install, but it will blow you away with the technology it packs!


So, if you want 10 lights for $100 - then you'll have to look elsewhere. That exists, but you literally get what you pay for, and will likely come with some frustration during install, and in the not too distant future when the lights begin to fail.

In-Lite is not trying to be the cheapest light on the shelf. They want to give you the BEST light on the shelf, and the BEST experience in your yard.



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