Deck Railing Brands

Deck Railing brands we carry including Trex, Fiberon, Vista, Fortress, Feeney, Regal Ideas & Fiberon!

Aluminum Deck Railing

Picket Railing

Cost-effective railing with superior design & uncompromising safety.

Tailored for deck installations, we offer a comprehensive selection of aluminum deck railing solutions. Distinguished by their design and strength, our railings stand as premier choices for deck enhancements across Canada. You have the liberty to select from an extensive spectrum of colors, combinations, and accessories. Request a personalized quote from our team today!

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Crystal Rail 10mm "No Iron" Tempered Glass - The Ultimate Deck Shop
Crystal Rail Glass Stair Panel - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Cable Railing

See more worry less with great durability and unobstructed views.

Boasting a contemporary and modern look, cable railing is a great way to enhance the value, ambience and overall look of your space. Cable railing hits the sweet spot when it comes to balancing safety, low maintenance and non-obstructive aesthetic appeal. Browse through our selection to see if this is the right fit for you and your project.

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  Cost ~ $80-$140 /In ft  
• Low maintenance
• Easy installation
• Mostly unobscured view

Aluminum Glass Railing

Enjoy your view with a beautiful Glass Railing System

Elevate your outdoor area with our elegant glass deck railings. Choose from clear, obscure, or tinted options to match your style and enhance privacy. Our sturdy designs withstand the elements, offering both a sophisticated look and wind protection. Installing them is a breeze – simply secure corner posts and slide the glass pane into place.

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Crystal Rail 10mm "No Iron" Tempered Glass - The Ultimate Deck Shop
Crystal Rail Glass Stair Panel - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Frameless Glass Rail

The enchanting blend of safety, modernity, and wide-open views with frameless glass railing.

Maximize your view with quick and easy to install frameless glass rail panels. With premium powder-coated systems for long life and low maintenance, as well as attatchments to light up your panels at night, glass rails excude a sleek and modern design.

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Hoft Gate Frame Kit - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Hoft Rail

Hoft, the re-invented fence with unrivaled privacy, style and comfort.

Hoft privacy rails are a take up less space and don't create a sense of enclosure, while still providing privacy for your space. They come in various designs, styles, and materials, allowing you to choose an option that compliments your outdoor decor and landscaping. Get in touch our browse our selection to see styles and designs perfect for your deck!

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  Cost ~ $30-$90 /In ft  
• Low maintenance
• Easy installation
• Mostly unobscured view


Composite Handrail

Compliment your deck with lasting beauty and sustainable strength.

Composite rails are highly resistant to natural elements and require minimal upkeep. They are highly customizable with different rail profiles and baluster styles, as well as different colors and finishes. If this sounds like the choice for you browse our selection or contact us to find the perfect fit for you.

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  Cost ~ $75-$150 /In ft  
• Low maintenance
• Easy installation
• Mostly unobscured view

Treated/Cedar Handrail

Experience nature's grace with timeless elegance and lasting strength.

This is a great option for natural wood lovers, Cedar is a cost-effective way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, or to emit a classic or contemporary look depending on how you style the rest of your space. If this sounds like the choice for you get in contact with us so you can bring your vision to reality!

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  Cost ~ $15-$80 /In ft  
• Low maintenance
• Easy installation
• Mostly unobscured view

Saskatoon Deck Railing Code

Check out local building codes for Saskatoon before starting your project!

Saskatoon Guide

Regina Deck Railing Code

Check out the local building codes for Regina before starting your project!

Regina Code


Do I need to have railing on my deck?

The best way to know for sure is to check your local building codes. That being said, usually if your deck is more than 30 inches, or 2.5 feet, off the ground you will likely be required to add a railing system.

What type of railing should I use for my deck?

The answer to that depends on your preference, who will be using the deck and how you plan to use it.

Metal railing is likely the most sturdy and durable option, and they also require very little maintenance.

Wood railing on the other hand, does require more maintenance but also provides that natural rustic look.

Glass and cable railing are the most eye-catching and allow you to enjoy the view on the other side unobstructed, though they usually cost a little more than other options.

How tall or short can my railing be?

Deck railings are required to be at least 36 inches, or 3 feet high, from the surface of your deck to the top of the railing according to International Residential Code (IRC) standards.

The IRC standard for stair railing is 34 inches high.

The best way to know for sure though, is to check your local building codes.

What color should deck railing be?

Part of the allure of deck railing is that it gives your deck a complete look, that being said you'll want to make sure your railing choice is a good fit for your deck. If you choose to go with a wood or composite handrail, we have

How do you mount a deck rail?

Poured in place:

Our most affordable method. This is when a railing post that is poured in concrete. This method does not work for wood decks as it requires a concrete curb or pad for the post to drop into and then filled with concrete.

Side Mounted:

Side mounting is the most common method of attachment as they are mounted to the side of a surface during installation. This gives the option to adjust height to ensure the railing is level and is the second most affordable method of mounting.

Plate Mounted:

Plate mounting is when plates are welded to the posts during fabrication, and when installed are mounted to the top of a surface. Because of its aesthetic, it remains a very popular mounting technique, and also most expensive due to the amount of work involved.

What is the difference between a hand rail and guardrail?

A guardrail has a panel to provide protection in case of a fall. They are usually either 36" or 42" depending on your local codes, and are generally required when there is an elevation change of 30".

A handrail is just the part of the rail fixed at the top of posts, a requirement for stairs so that there is something to hold on to.

What tools do I need to install and aluminum railing?

It is recommended you use the following: a circular saw with a carbide tip blade, drill, drill bits, Phillips screwdriver, safety glasses, measuring tape, and non-corrosive exterior caulking.