Deckorators Voyage

Surestone Technology deck board designed with vertical grain for enhanced traction.

Deckorators Vista

A wood-plastic composite deck board with the look of exotic hardwoods without the maintenance.

Deckorators Vault

Surestone Technology deck board designed with flat-grain variegation that is lightweight, strong and stable.


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Deckorators Voyage Costa - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Deckorators Voyage Costa

From $103.08 CAD
Deckorators Voyage Dark Slate - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Deckorators Voyage Dark Slate

From $118.01 CAD
Deckorators Voyage Sedona - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Deckorators Voyage Sedona

From $103.08 CAD
Deckorators Voyage Tundra - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Deckorators Voyage Tundra

From $103.08 CAD


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Deckorators Vista Silverwood - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Deckorators Vista Silverwood

From $77.88 CAD
Deckorators Vista Dunewood - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Deckorators Vista Dunewood

From $77.88 CAD
Deckorators Vista Ironwood - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Deckorators Vista Ironwood

From $77.88 CAD
Deckorators Vista Driftwood - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Deckorators Vista Driftwood

$77.88 CAD


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Deckorators Vault Mesquite - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Deckorators Vault Mesquite

$151.32 CAD
Deckorators Vault Dusk - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Deckorators Vault Dusk

From $89.88 CAD
Deckorators Pro Plug Kit w/ Tool - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Starborn Pro Plug for Deckorators

From $18.89 CAD

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When it comes to achieving a flawless finish for your decking project, choosing the right fasteners is key. Our selection of Deckorators Cortex, Starborn Pro Plug systems and many others offer the ultimate solution for a clean, screw-free deck surface. Systems are designed with precision to ensure compatibility with Deckorators decking, allowing for a seamless integration

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Deckorators Decking FAQ

What is Deckorators® Composite Decking made of?

Surestone™ Technology in Deckorators® Voyage and Vault decking offers top strength-to-weight ratios with minimal thermal shifts. Found also in Picture Frame boards and porch floors, this technology ensures no moisture uptake and fade-resistant color. Developed in 2007, it involves a unique polypropylene and calcium carbonate blend, pull-extruded to create air-pocket-filled, lightweight yet strong boards. The Vista and Venture lines blend wood and plastic, topped with a low-maintenance, durable polyethylene layer.

Can Deckorators® Decking be used for planters or as edging?

Deckorators Voyage and Vault decking, along with Picture Frame Board, are designed for direct contact with ground or water, supported by a new 50-year Structural Warranty. Utilizing patented Surestone™ Technology for unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio, these mineral-based composite (MBC) boards are engineered for durability, stability, and moisture resistance.

What joist spans should I use for my deck when using Deckorators decking?

For residential installations of Deckorators decking, it's recommended to place joists 16 inches on-center when boards are laid perpendicular to the joists. For diagonal board layouts, adjust the spacing to 12 inches on-center to ensure proper support and stability. For commercial project specifications or further guidance, reaching out directly to Deckorators customer service at 800-556-8449 is advised. Always consult the detailed installation instructions provided by Deckorators for the most accurate and comprehensive guidance.

Can Deckorators composite decking be cleaned with a power washer?

Power washers can be used to clean Deckorators decking products; however, a fan-tip nozzle should be used on the lowest setting.

What is the purpose of the Sleeper System, and where can it be used?

The Deckorators Sleeper System is designed to create additional outdoor living space, especially on concrete slabs or rooftops. It provides a solution for converting these spaces into functional and attractive outdoor areas.

How does the Sleeper System address water and moisture issues on ground-level and rooftop decks?

The Deckorators Sleeper System addresses water management and air circulation challenges by allowing for proper drainage and ventilation. This design helps protect deck boards from damage caused by moisture build-up, ensuring the longevity of your deck.

Do Deckorators composite decking boards fade?

Deckorators Voyage and Vault decking have a stain- and fade-resistant cap stock and are backed by the industry's best warranty: 50-year Structural, 25-year Stain & Fade, and 25-year Removal & Replacement.

What are snow and ice removal recommendations for Deckorators decking?

Care should be taken when removing snow from your deck to avoid damaging the deck surface. We recommend using a plastic snow shovel without a metal edge.

A stiff-bristled push broom can work very well and minimizes lifting. Light snow can also be cleared using a leaf blower. Do not attempt to break up or scrape ice from the deck surface; use ice-melt products when needed. We are not aware of any adverse effects from the temporary use of ice-melting products on Deckorators decking; however, we recommend using an ice-melt product that’s less harsh on the surface. These types of ice-melt products may indicate “safe for pets,” “will not harm concrete,” or “will not kill grass.” Ensure that after the ice and snow melt, you brush off any residual ice melt product.

Is static electricity an issue with composite decking?

While all synthetic decking can be subject to static electricity, experiencing static to the point of getting a shock on new composite decking is rare. There’s no chemical way to reduce static on a deck. As time passes, exposure to the weather will reduce the likelihood of experiencing a static discharge.