Specialty Deck Tools

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HIDFast Nailer w/Mallet - The Ultimate Deck Shop

HIDFast Nailer w/Mallet

$707.99 CAD$399.99 CAD
No visible fasteners in the surface of decking, for better appearance. No surface fasteners that may pop up. No surface penetrations that allow water in, causing rot, splitting and cracking....
Squi.Jig Framing Square Attachment - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Squi.Jig Framing Square Attachment

From $49.99 CAD
Framing Square Attachment for all your framing needs, which might include stair layout, rafter layout, steel framing, or if you just want a useful tool to have in your toolbox!...
1 1/4"3"
Camo Lever Board Bender - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Camo Lever Board Bender

$129.99 CAD
The CAMO LEVER can adjust to fit single deck joists, double joists, and even steel joists for complete job site versatility. Able to be used on both grooved deck boards...
Heatcon HC99-300 Heat Forming Kit - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Heatcon HC99-300 Heat Forming Kit

From $3,999.99 CAD
Heat Forming Kit Includes: 8″x10′ heat blankets (select qty 2 or qty 4) 1- temperature controller (#HC7900) 1- pair of gloves 1- temperature sensor 1- case (with custom foam lining)...
Camo Drive Tool - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Camo Drive Tool

$290.99 CAD
Cordless stand-up tool attaches to your drill and comes with 3 quick-change fastening guides DRIVE can be used for edge, clip and face fastening on any deck board surface DRIVE...
Camo Marksman - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Camo Marksman

$83.99 CAD
Patent-pending CAMO Marksman Pro positions CAMO edge fasteners for side-angle entry to the deckboard to create a fastener-free deck surface Dual screw guides fasten both sides of board with single...