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GRK Rugged Structural Screws - The Ultimate Deck Shop

GRK Rugged Structural Screws

From $1.00 USD
RSS™ Rugged Structural Screws: Ideal for anywhere you would use a traditional lag screw andmore. High tensile torque and shear strength means a 5/16” diameter RSS™ screw has the samestrength...
8" Shims (12pk) - The Ultimate Deck Shop

8" Shims (12pk)

$4.00 USD
Uses include: shimming windows, cabinets and floor joists, setting door jambs, leveling roof trusses, leveling appliances, stirring paint, spreading adhesives, garden marker, tree stakes, sod stakes and home projects. Consistent...
Fortress Home Post Cap - The Ultimate Deck Shop

Fortress Home Post Cap

$4.00 USD
 A stunning way to accentuate your sleek Fortress AL13 Home Railing system, these durable deck post caps, protect your posts, wiring, and hardware from everyday dirt and debris while adding...