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Seamless Integration
Each plug is meticulously made from MoistureShield decking material, ensuring an exact match for your deck. This guarantees a seamless and virtually invisible finish, blending perfectly with the deck's color and grain.

Simplified Installation
Embrace simplicity with our easy three-step installation. Start by pre-drilling with the Pro Plug® Tool, followed by driving the Starborn screws, and conclude by pressing the plugs into place. This process eliminates the need for sealing cut ends, offering a cleaner, polished appearance for your deck.

Customization and Quality

Select from an extensive variety of colors and pack sizes, designed to match your MoistureShield decking flawlessly and cover approximately 100 square feet. Opt for the flexibility of choosing your own Pro Plug® Tool and screws, sold separately, to suit your project's specific requirements. Our system is compatible with both epoxy-coated and stainless steel Starborn screws, ensuring durability and choice for your decking project.

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Cold Brew


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MoistureShield FAQ

How is MoistureShield to work with compared to wood? Are any special tools needed?

MoistureShield decking is designed for easy installation with common woodworking tools, allowing for cutting and ripping without the need to seal the cut ends. This flexibility extends to Vantage products, which can be rasped and routed due to the absence of a surface cap. When cutting, it's recommended to use a carbide-tipped blade with fewer than 20 teeth to minimize heat generation and ensure a smoother cut. This approach helps in avoiding rough edges and maintains the integrity of the decking material.

What is MoistureShield made out of?

MoistureShield composite decking products are made of recycled wood fiber and polyethylene plastic.

Do MoistureShield products get slippery when wet?

The entire MoistureShield product portfolio meets or exceeds OSHA’s recommendation of 0.5 for slip resistance. Vantage products have the best slip resistance; Vision products have better slip resistance.

How do I clean a MoistureShield deck?

For maintaining your outdoor decking, regularly sweeping with a broom or using a leaf blower every few weeks is advisable to keep it clear of debris. To more thoroughly clean your deck, employ hot water, mild dish soap, and a soft brush every six months, ideally after installation and then semi-annually during the spring and fall. This routine helps to remove any accumulated dirt or debris. Should stains remain after your initial cleaning, consult the care and cleaning page for more detailed cleaning instructions and tips to ensure your deck remains in pristine condition.

Will MoistureShield rot or decay like wood?

MoistureShield decking has undergone rigorous testing in harsh aging conditions by independent laboratories, ensuring its durability. It is guaranteed to resist rot and fungal decay when installed and maintained correctly, backed by a comprehensive warranty. For specific warranty details and maintenance guidelines, it's recommended to consult the official MoistureShield warranty documentation.

Can MoistureShield be installed in a submerged condition?

Yes, MoistureShield can be installed on the ground, in contact with the ground, on the water and under water.

Will MoistureShield burn easily? What is the fire rating?

MoistureShield has a class C fire rating which is the same as wood.