1. Affordable and easy to install.

2. Adds aesthetic appeal and is customizable.

3. Durable & Long lasting

4. No buckling & Cracking or water & UV damage.

Available Colours

Sage Green
Sage Green




What is the point of deck skirting?

The main benefit of deck skirting is aesthetic appeal, it gives your deck a finished and polished look and alsso conceals any unattractive elements under your deck, such as the the structural parts of your deck and anything else that may be under there. If youhvae children or pets deck skirting can also act as a safety barrier to prevent them from getting under your deck

How long does the skirting last?

Most of our “test” skirts have been up for over 6 years and are holding up well with little maintanance required.

I currently have lattice on my deck and would like to update the look. Can I install your product over the lattice or should I take the lattice down?

If the lattice is in good shape, you can install right over. You will see some of the lattice pattern, but deckALL skirting will “soften” and update the look.

How do I attach the railing weave to a metal railing?

You can use our deckALL Grommet Kit to set grommets along each side once exact length is known (you have to allow for weaving the railing). You can then attach by using a decorative roping.

Your skirting comes in rolls of 4′ x 50′. What if my deck is higher than 4′?

Use the roll horizontally and combine with a wood accent board. If your deck is 6′, cut the mesh at 6′ and add a couple of inches for attaching. On higher decks, mixing the two materials really gives a nice look.

Can the material be used for privacy and shading?

Absolutely! The mesh has approximately 60% shade factor. If you want complete blockage, you can double the fabric in areas this is required.

I am interested in trying the stencils for yard art, but don’t want to buy quarts of paint. Any suggestions?

Several retailers now carry the small craft paints that are suitable for outdoor use.

The ground around my deck has a slope to it. How can I skirt with the sloping?

You can install the skirting and then cut the mesh fabric to the slope. The fabric cuts easily with sharp scissors and will not fray.

Will the deck skirting hide everything under my deck?

The mesh skirting will not completely block what is under the deck. It will obscure the underside. You can double up the fabric (perhaps in specific areas only) to block clutter. The advantage of the mesh is that it does allow for airflow underneath the deck.

Can spray paints be used for outdoor yard art?

The spray paints can be used for outdoor art pieces on the mesh. I wouldn’t recommend using them with the stencils because they tend to “run” outside the stencil. The spray paint works well though for creative abstract art.

Can spray paints be used for outdoor yard art?

A couple of options here, you can either center the panel on the fence or line them up closer to the top of the 5′ panel.
Design Equations was launched in 2008. The company is owned by Brenda Goran and partner Randy Maxwell. After building a new home with a large side deck, Brenda puzzled over the various options for skirting and found nothing she liked or could install herself. Thus, the idea of mesh skirting was born. 
 Design Equations has a contemporary solution for all your DIY backyard projects to help you make your yard beautiful. When skirting large areas and raised decks, deckALL’s simplicity really sets it apart from other options. Dress it up with other accents, create easy access doors and higher decks, or create a screened-in patio room. 
 The company is owned by Brenda Goran and partner Randy Maxwell. After building a new home with a large side deck, Brenda puzzled over the various options for skirting and found nothing she liked or could install herself. 
After testing for several years, deckALL Skirting was introduced to the retail market. Other related products were added as new ideas for using the outdoor mesh were discovered. 

Based in the picturesque community of St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba located 15 miles west of Winnipeg, Manitoba. deckALL products have been featured in several publications and on TV, including:

-Winnipeg Free Press Yardstick Magazine 
-WRLA (Western Retail Lumber Association) Home at Home 
-Home Hardware’s seasonal publication 
-HGTV Disaster Decks Renovation Contractor Magazine
  • DeckALL skirting can be installed by various methods depending on preference and deck size and configurations.

  • First, determine the method of frame or supports that may be required for your deck.

  • Here are some options:

  • 1. Skirting can be attached directly to the face board of the deck using corner supports to wrap the skirt around the deck. (See vertical support suggestion in

  • 2. Build vertical supports by screwing a 24″ 2 x 4 under the deck and then add a 2 x 4 to sit flush with the front of the face board that will end 1 to 2 inches from the ground. These vertical supports should be spaced at least every 4 feet.

  • 3. Build a full frame by using 2 x 4’s again with vertical supports spaced at least every 4 feet. We suggest that you keep the frame up from the ground 1 to 2 inches.

  • *For larger, higher decks, we recommend using a frame as described in options 2 or 3. This will allow the mesh fabric to be pulled tightly around supports/frames for a tight, clean finished look.

  • To install skirting:

  • 1. Measure the height required for skirting and add 1 to 2 inches for a folded edge at the top. The skirting should finish at a length that is slightly off the ground.

  • 2. Measure the length that is required (fabric can be cut into panels to end at the corners or stairs.)

  • 3. Cut the fabric to size using sharp scissors.

  • Fold over at the top edge and fasten to the face board using a staple gun, pulling fabric so it is tight and wrinkle-free. The skirting is easier to install with 2 people, having one person pulling fabric tight while the other follows attaching.